Mitch Punpayuk

Late gamer plays Bioshock for the first time By: Hidai Moya

I had completely missed the boat when it originally debuted. I wasn’t even a gamer then, but having heard nothing but unanimous praise proclaiming “Bioshock” a masterpiece it was finally time to see what everyone kept talking about. The most impressive thing I noticed right away was how serious it took its portrayal of its belief system. Rapture is a city based on the Libertarian values of Ayn Rand, godless in its secular values & near limitless in the pursuit of industry. In hindsight it’s very obvious why it became an instant hit. The very idea that a game would tell a story about a serious attempt at a libertarian utopia is something radically different from near anything that had come before it. Its a level of pensive cinematic storytelling that would many didn’t believe games could be capable of. And this did it beautifully even if I didn’t think it quite lived up to its masterful reputation.

Though I didn’t think it was an “A+” level game it was still an unforgettable experience. The Art Deco world of the 50’s, the innocuous sounding radio ads, the quaint soundtrack of the era, & the voice work for the AI are the best features of this game. They are a mixture of the lucid, terrifying, & awe inspiring & they really make this amoral underwater come alive. It’s those secondary details like the bootleg bibles lying around & the names of the places of businesses like “Pharaohs Fortune Casino” what really make the world of Rapture come alive. Sure they are standard features in games today but the fact that Bioshock did it so well stands out. Rapture is a place where man attempted to build “heaven on earth” and it failed miserably. It’s inhabitants have lost their minds. When they aren’t attacking you they are mutter eerie rants to themselves about how they can still salvage some part of this lost lives. It”s not typical horror scary, its scary on an existential level.

I didn’t think this game was perfect however. I found annoying how low the ammo/funds are through the game. You really have to scavenge a lot & conserve resources to a point that it breaks the fun you are having & robs the story of its momentum. I also didn’t like the convoluted backstory told over cassette tape messages. It would’ve been better to have video cut scenes to tell its backstory. I also found the final boss was ridiculously easy to beat. I can’t deny however that Rapture is a world everyone should visit. It’ll stay with you. It has with me.

Comic Con Palm Springs Voice Talent By: Daniel Barroso

This is the second year that Palm Springs is putting on their very own Comic Con, and I have to say that I’m impressed with the guests that they are bringing. Not only are they bringing writers and movie/TV producers, but they’re also bringing TV and film actors. What really caught my attention is that they’re bringing some of the most influential voice actors in the industry. They are all well-known and appreciated for their talents across the nation, and they’re also loved and respected for all of their charity work. The guests featured below are attending Comic Con Palm Springs this year.
Jess Harnell, Troy Baker, Tom Kenny are all guests who recently all participated in a charity event called “Voice Actors Rock!”. This was an event put on by VH1 Save The Music Foundation. The goal for this benefit concert was to raise awareness and obtain funds to donate to music programs across the country. Since more and more music programs are being removed from public schools due to budget cuts, they got their band mates and instruments and took the stage at The World-Famous Whiskey A Go-Go! and rocked all night. If you were not able to attend the event you could still donate for the cause on the website. The best thing about it is that all net proceeds from the event went back to the community to help fund the program or buy new musical instruments. This campaign has been going strong for the past 20 years and has donated a total of $53 million dollars nationwide. This has impacted 2,024 public schools in 247 school districts, which means they have helped out over 3 million public school students.
D.C. Douglas is also a Voice Actor veteran who has many credits under his name, mostly famously known as Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil series. Majority of the time he may be playing the villain but he does have a soft spot. When he isn’t trying to accomplish global domination, he is out there raising political awareness and standing up for equal and civil rights You can find his political cartoons on his YouTube page. When he isn’t making cartoons, you’ll find him making Con appearances, raising awareness for animal rights, and donating to various charities. The top 5 charities he supports are: 1) Animal Welfare Institute- which focuses on alleviating the pain and suffering animals endure during animal testing, and also focus on helping those animals raised in animal factories that raise pigs, cows, chickens, who are set to be slaughtered later. 2) Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind- this organization raises money so they can provide guide dogs free of charge to blind people who seek enhanced mobility and independence. 3) Goodwill Industries- One of the biggest foundations out there who offers job training, employment placement, and other services to those who have disabilities, lack education, face employment challenges, or don’t have any prior job experience. 4) Sierra Club Foundation- Their focus is to educate, inspire, and empower humanity to preserve natural and human environments. 5) Michal J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research- This foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease through funding, and ensuring the development of improved therapies.