Hey Mitch! Episode 113: The 2020 Convention Season

Mitch sits down with members of Geek Elite Media and friends to the network to talk about 2020 convention season we did not get due to the COVID-19 pandemic, share fun memories of past conventions, and hear what people think has to change going forward to combat spread disease in the future.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Review

A Review From Daniel Barroso

            Where do I even begin? This movie had it all. It had the romance, the tears, the laughs, the action that the fans so much want, and deserve. For those that may have not seen it yet, or don’t know much about it: the movie begins with something that is a prequel to the entire Dragon Ball anime.
This reboots/retcons the Bardock movie, and Broly’s origin as well. The movie does this so well by showing a different side to Bardock, they finally show his soft side. He shows affection for his wife and kids. Which is interesting character development on his side because Saiyans aren’t known to really show affection to their loved ones.

However this movie did seem like it was all about the character development since Broly actually has a far more meaningful and redeeming story, because for once he just isn’t screaming “Kakarot!!!”
Dragon Ball Super: Broly not only reintroduces a fan favorite character but introduces a few other memorable characters along the way. And if you think this movie is all about Goku and Vegeta well…you’re entirely wrong because this movie is all about Broly, and how is a misunderstood giant, made into a fighting machine by his cruel dad Paragus.

My only issue/ critique about this movie is that after the prologue this movie had a bit of pacing issues right up until the part where the real fighting begins, when Vegeta and Broly start squaring off.
One of my favorite things from this movie is that the animation was absolutely breathtaking. It was so beautifully animated that the entire thing looked so fluid, and kept up with the fast speed battle scenes. Another great thing is that whenever there was a different transformation in the film the animation was tweaked, and evolved to look far greater.

Overall this movie was everything I had hoped for and even more. The ending did hint that with depending on the success of this movie there would be a few sequels to come. 
My rating for this movie have to be 6.5 dragon balls out of 7.


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