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Late Gamer Plays Shadow Of Modor

A Review By Hidai Moya

I didn’t mind that this blatantly imitates ‘Assassin’s Creed’ & “Arkham”, after all if the mechanics work why change them?
However what’s not imitated is their creativity in making a satisfying open world & encountering meaningful quests.
For a game based on the imagination of Tolkien it has a lot to live up to & honestly its few redeeming quality were its Orcs & Uruks who have terrific dialogue & are vividly ugly & the voice acting of “Talion” & “Celebrimbor”.

Mordor itself fails at feeling like an organic open world. Instead it feels like an open air jungle gym. The side quests are easy & you become very overpowered very quickly robbing you the feeling of a real challenge.
The story is meager & though the fight animations are good, especially when decapitating.
However, it doesn’t add too much of a satisfying experience.
Grade B-

Late Gamer Plays Batman Arkham Knight

A Review From Hidai Moya

In many ways this is the mother of all Batman games. As the Scarecrow & the Arkham Knight practically obliterate Gotham Batman must suit up one last time to stop them.
From the map size to its bombastic end game story & grandiose set pieces this game really pulls out all of the stops. And let me just say for the record I thoroughly loved its implementation of the Batmobile. It totally fulfilled my childhood dreams about driving it & this gave that to me in droves, it was everything I ever wanted.
Gotham has never looked this amazing before with its varied districts & towering skyline & I loved flying over & driving through it. It wasn’t until the finale though that I felt somewhat let down.
The Arkham Knight deserved far more exposition than he got & leaving him at the point where the game did felt undeveloped. I also didn’t appreciate the teaser nature of the finale. Either be a conclusive end or don’t be. Also for an epic open world game of this nature I actually thought it was too short as well.
I could’ve easily spent more time in Gotham.
Grade B+

Late Gamer Plays Star Wars: Jedi – Fallen Order

A Review From Hidai Moya

This is just the Star Wars version of Uncharted/Dark Souls & its all the better for it.
Though the story can be curt, I loved the main duo of Cal & his droid BD-1 & the beautiful planets they explore together. Kashyyyk is my favorite planet in all of SW so I had a great time exploring its jungle among the tree tops to the undergrowth, its all very beautiful.
The creature design is fantastically disgusting, from giant slugs to spiders & ugly toad reptiles, it’s a lot of fun fighting them off.
The lightsaber boss fights in particular are challenging & quite satisfying especially when you unlock more skills. I also appreciated how it implemented Clone Wars lore into its story.
I think it captures that Lucas Arts magic that has been missing in Star Wars games for a while now & it gets a lot right.
A must play for any Star Wars fan.
Grade A-

Wonder Woman: Dead Earth Book 1 Review

Review By Stephen Clark

A spoiler-free review

Art and writing by Daniel Warren Johnson, Colors by Mike Spicer, Letters by Rus Wooton

An Old Character Faces A New World

Rarely do I end up straying from the indie comics wall at my local comic shop. Not because I dislike superheroes. Plenty of the stories and characters in indie books are powered or otherwise fantastical. After having read Marvel and DC stories from childhood to adulthood, I know the mainstay superhero characters and their worlds well and have been through a lot with them already. 

It’s not them. It’s me who wants to see other people.

Daniel Warren Johnson has done some pretty interesting takes on big name characters already with his Old Man Skywalker comic and has definitely had my attention with the energetic art and storytelling in his series Extremity and Murder Falcon from Image. So, this book carried the same interest that Superman: American Alien had. Something different from a creator I knew.

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

This limited series finds Diana waking to a world ruined by humanity a generation ago. Like Diana, we have no idea of the events leading to this or how the world that we’ve found ourselves in works. Put into stasis, it would seem that someone knew those left alive would need a protector to defend them from the world those before them created. And Diana is more than up to the task, even in a partially de-powered state.

Monsters roam the wastelands between human settlements, people being lost to them every day while trying to scrounge resources. We enter one of these cobbled together cities of survivors and are introduced to the current status quo.

A Hero We Need, Not The One We Deserve

Left to its own devices, humanity has split itself into tribes, divided by location and whatever other arbitrary rules suited those doing the dividing. Faced with people who have good inside them bowing to the whims of those who would take power for themselves and abuse others, Diana stands up to protect those who can’t defend themselves.

This is one of the best parts of the story being told. For me, DC heroes shine their best being the paragons they are. Those who protect others because they have the power to and can’t NOT protect them. So many super stories are direct allegories for real events and, intended or not, I see real life in this. A world divided, clinging to what’s left of a once rich planet, ruled by cruel men and in need of a reminder that everyone is worthy of compassion and love. Diana brings her love for the imperfections in humanity to a world even further gone than it was when she and the Justice League guarded it. 

Every Frame A Painting

From meaningful closeup to action packed fights, the art of this series is absolutely gorgeous. Daniel Warren Johnson brings the strong style he’s known for in full and it’s a goddamn joy. Featured in the initial previews of the series, the panel below shows Diana holding back monsters that, in the past, she might have been able to take down with a single blow. The strength of the opposing fighters is felt in full.

Not to ever be outshone, frequent DWJ collaborator Mike Spicer brings fantastic colors to the table. Adding an ambience and heft to the art that drove home the feel of scenes perfectly and ensuring that this crumbling world felt fully lived in and tangible.

Final Thoughts

From this first book of the four part series, this is already one of my favorite comic runs I’ve ever experienced and I can’t wait to get to experience the rest of it.

I couldn’t recommend this more. Even if you’re a digital comics person, pick up a physical copy so you can easily lend it out to people because I promise you’ll want to share this one.

Daniel Warren Johnson has been an absolute powerhouse of an artist and writer. To keep up with his work, follow him on Twitter @danielwarrenart
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Will 90’s Nostalgia Replace The 80’s?

By Stephen Clark

Trends come and go and then come back around again. 

Finally. The trailer for a new movie in the franchise you loved as a kid is coming out. It starts. It looks good! Nice and crisp visuals, way better than the VHS you watched the original on. You meet the characters who are the kids, or whatever, of the people from the first one. And then it happens: the dramatic and subdued version of the music you identify the series with. You don’t love the trailer but it’s good to hear that music again. You’ll probably go and watch it, even just for fun with friends.

Nostalgia is a powerful tool in media. It isn’t about giving you exactly what the past was, instead delivering the best bits of what you remember. It’s the taste of Cap’n Crunch, not the cuts on the roof of your mouth. We’ve seen the 80’s become a technicolor dreamscape of sexy Uncle Jesse mullets, DeLoreans and quirky kids playing D&D while synthwave soundtracks hum us to a happy place. But we’ve all seen what mall bangs ACTUALLY looked like, almost nobody had a DeLorean or cared about it until Back to the Future and that basement from Stranger Things? Should’ve had way more acne and body odor. Nostalgia is a POWERFUL tool.

On The Playground Is Where I’d Spend Most Of My Days

The wave of 80’s nostalgia in television, film and more has been going for a pretty long time, with a long and varied list of shows that cash in on the audience who grew up in that decade. But now we’re seeing the nostalgia roll right on over into the next decade.

From every direction, a generation of 20-to-30-somethings is getting enticed by the look, sound and feel of the years they grew up in. Captain Marvel featured a still-in-business Blockbuster, packed with new release VHS tapes and the latest and greatest beeper tech used to call her to assist Earth in its time of need.

BTS, the biggest deal in pop music can be seen in some clearly 90’s inspired looks and feature a healthy dose of the pre-00’s radio jams in the albums that brought them to the attention of the average US listener. Whatever the medium is, the 90’s are worming their way in and coming for your wallet.

Time Keeps On Slipping Into The Future

Aside from the things that are simply taking a cue from the past’s pop culture, we’re set to get brand new installments of The Matrix and Scream, kicking off the 2020’s with two of the most decidedly 90’s series. Not content to settle for getting your dollar in the future, nobody has to wait for those films to get their dose of Tamagotchi-era goodness. Disney+ launched with only a select few originals, instead relying on the love for their back catalog of Saturday morning classics like Darkwing Duck, the Fox animated X-Men series and more.

Style Over Substance

One of the biggest parts of the renaissance of what people identify as THE look of the 80’s is a product of that laser beams, neon and shiny metal aesthetic that The Memphis Group pioneered. Without as easily defined and replicable of a style, 90’s nostalgia might not have the same kind of long tail. But I can’t wait to see what Zoomers decide the 90’s looked like.

Whether the cautious steps out of 80’s nostalgia and into 90’s will stick, we’ll have to wait and see. But what do you think? Will rehashed Clinton-era styles gain new life? Will we get to see Justin Tmberlake get to fashionably revive his ramen noodle hair?

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