The Late Gamer Plays Grand Theft Auto – Vice City

A Review By Hidai Moya

I’ve literally never played a Grand Theft Auto game until now & this was the first one I just completed.
Inspired by the Miami drug wars of the 80s & the pop culture that it itself inspired, this is a game that gives 0 fucks.
You start a gang war between the Haitians & Cubans, get involved in the porn industry, extort businesses, bomb buildings, be a hitman, & cause untold urban chaos across Miami in order to become its biggest Kingpin.

The vehicle UI is still amazing as Cars/motorcycles respond flawlessly & the driving is accentuated with one of the greatest gaming soundtracks ever with its plethora of fantastic 80’s bangers.
The sheer amount of creativity & thought that went into this game still holds up 18 years since it’s release & though the shooting mechanics are dated the games irreverent writing is still timeless.
Grade A-

The Late Gamer Plays Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare

A Review By Hidai Moya

Zombie games are a cliche & it takes a lot of creativity to make one stand out but this one had it easy.
All it does is simply place the zombie game in the old west to make it seem novel but other than that I found it to be an average experience.
The zombies aren’t that exciting, they’re just your average zombies & as always the towns people need your help to liberate their town from the undead & to provide supplies.

It’s decent enough to make you want to play it but the fact of the matter is this game is still broken. NPC’s don’t generate their full bodies & when I went into Mexico it caused the game to crash. I tried a couple of times to work around the bug but no progress could be made causing the game to be permanently stuck in the same place.
This has been a known issue for the last ten years & it still remains unfixed.
Grade C

The Late Gamer Plays Assassin’s Creed III – Liberation

A Review By Hidai Moya

The important thing to remember about this game is understanding it was meant to be a bite sized AC game originally designed for the PS Vita. For the most part it does succeed in being that with some varied level design & locales.
It’s Colonial New Orleans base isn’t really that special however the inclusion of the Louisiana Bayou & Maya territory in Mexico is more exciting to explore.

There really isn’t a satisfactory explanation for the story as the writing could’ve been much better but the character of Aveline is important as being the first female protagonist in the series & I really loved her voice acting. She can disguise herself as a Lady, slave, or Assassin depending on what the situation calls for & her enemies react uniquely to each of her personas.
This is an average AC entry.
Grade B-

Later Gamer Plays Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

A Review From Hidai Moya

In my opinion an excellent DLC needs to do three things to succeed:
1) Provide fresh maps to explore.
2) Make the combat more varied by giving players additional abilities.
3) Most importantly to have a meaningful well written quest to warrant investing into the game add on.
“The Frozen Wilds” does exactly that.

Not only are the side quests better written & more emotionally meaningful than the ones found in the main game, but the new Banuk territory, a post apocalyptic version of Yellowstone National Park, is breathtaking. The snowfall, the frozen lakes, the frost covered trees, it’s all so exquisitely beautiful, as if I had stepped through the wardrobe into Narnia.

Furthermore the addition of new mechanical beasts exclusive to the territory add a more difficult & dangerous challenge to combat. This was a spellbinding DLC.
Grade A-

Late Gamer Plays FarCry

A Review From Hidai Moya

The console port of the very first FarCry game should be required playing for fans of the franchise.
Like any debut of a series one shouldn’t expect it to hit every stride perfected by later installments, but it absolutely showcases all the idiosyncrasies we love FarCry for: chaotic gunplay, free roaming, self aware humor, lush exotic locales, maniacal villain, & over the top 80’s inspired action.

As a mad scientist unleashes humanoid beasts on a tropical island, the CIA hires you to destroy his labs & take out all of the mercenaries defending it. There is even some inspiration from ‘Predator’ as you need heat vision to locate invisible enemies in the jungle.
With a terrific opening sequence & level variety, I was very impressed until the finale which felt unrewarding but everything leading up to it was still fun.
Grade B


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