Pitch This Eps 5: Marvel TV

We all have a different take on our favorite pop culture; “I wouldn’t have killed that character!”, “Wait! Wouldn’t it have been better to if she got the ring?”, “Why not have the aliens have ten eyes?!?!”. And now Chris and Andy will explore those avenues and pitch you their takes all your favorite pop culture topics, from comics to tv to movies and everything in between. Here we are at episode five where Andy and Chris will revive the missing Marvel television shows. Listen as they dig deep into the Marvel vault and decide to pick a show to revive by either re-casting or keeping the original cast and then what would the first brand new season be all about. Get the scoop here at Pitch This for another week of entertainment and the pop-culture news that you want.

Chris’ Comic Book Corner: Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #4: “As close as they’re gonna get.”

A Review From Christopher Franey

Here we are at part 4 of Invasion and wow is there some movement with Rory and his gang trying to get to St. Paul and the Wrestletopians getting in the way.  With this new issue there is a new artist, Kendall Goode, and he does a great job of keeping the style and tone of the book consistent with the previous issues.  Which I highly appreciate as with comics sometimes creative teams change and it can be very drastic to the story; character voice switches or the art can be inconsistent with what was established, please don’t confuse that with all styles have to match.  The humor and action is much alive in this issue as we march on to the final showdown, so let us take a look at the issue.

interior art by Kendall Goode

To start I enjoyed the cover and what a great way to help people keep a track of previous characters, new characters, and also some of the Wrestletopians; plus in that video game style that was a great reminder to the Nintendo 64 wrestling games of yesteryear.  The theme also works with the story inside as well, which is a great bonus.  We pick up with Rory, Don, and Macho after the car accident of last issue and luckily they are all fine and start heading into the closest place of business which happens to be a water park called, Duke City Sunsplash.  Kendall does a great job with the action scenes and takes full advantage of the location to craft some great and funny scenarios; plus with Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin, the writers, they create some funny dialogue with the pool water jokes. 

interior art by Kendall Goode

Luckily at this water park this leads to an encounter with “Fatback” Billy Mangrum, wrestling team Three-D, and Linda.  Linda looks very different from last we met here and this helps to build a mystery on what happened to her these last 15 years; which I hope we get more of outside of her conversation/argument with Rory.  One of the best moments is the “secret origin” of Three-D; which was a three man team working for Maximum Brutality Wrestling and consisted of Daryl, Derek, and Dennis and as Derek tells us, “but, man…just because you got chemistry in the ring…doesn’t mean you got chemistry outside it, ya know?”  I really appreciate the gag they crafted and also how they played it in a series of threes all to a background of Dennis building himself up, hilarious moment. 

interior art by Kendall Goode

We are treated to a pay-per-view commercial of the upcoming “Galact-O-Massacre” that will settle who is the Galactic Champ and also showcases how much of a heel Dick Drasin is. Rory and his crew manage to keep moving along but their pit stop doesn’t end well with Daryl and Derek running into the Smoking Guns club which looks to be quite adult.  I love the layout of this as the club sign is very feminine yet when the rest of the crew gets inside they are treated to the strippers they might not want, enjoyed the reaction panel.  The club scene works perfectly to get a moment alone with Rory and Linda which leads to another argument and Rory going off on his own and also putting the rest of the team at a relaxed manner which made it easy for them to be put into sleeper holds. 

interior art by Kendall Goode

The issue leaves us with a worried sense as Rory’s crew has been captured and things are not looking good for Rory and Linda.  Rory continues to distance himself which leads him into a trap as well, so now he is in the possession of Dick Drasin which might stop Rory from making it to the match or worse.  Overall another fun chapter in Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia and does excellent with humorous introductions and situations along with drama and suspense that leaves you wanting more.  Make sure to check out this miniseries as it is a fun independent comic read with great love for wrestling, comic books, and video games as this issue showed; this mini can be found digitally on Comixology.  This mini-series was created written by Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin of Suspicious Behavior Productions and can find their social medias here with these links:  Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.  You can find this issues artist, Kendall Goode, on Twitter as well.  Geek out!

Hey Mitch! Episode 113: The 2020 Convention Season

Mitch sits down with members of Geek Elite Media and friends to the network to talk about 2020 convention season we did not get due to the COVID-19 pandemic, share fun memories of past conventions, and hear what people think has to change going forward to combat spread disease in the future.

Journey Into Mystery – Eps 8 Thor: The Dark World (2013)

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Chris’ Comic Book Corner: Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #3 – Two Peas In A Pot!

A Review From Christopher Franey

Alright sports fans we are back for round three of Wrestletopia and some more layers are peeled back and we discover that love isn’t lost.  The issue opens with the Wrestletopians busting into Dick Drasin’s office and destroying his pricey doors; something I enjoyed about this issue was how Dick kept mentioning the price on “fancy” things which I found to be a funny tick of his throughout.  Manifest Destiny and his crew come in to set things up and get “Rock ‘N’ Roll” Rory Landell for their showdown.  This was fun to see that Dick could hold his own and also has quite the tolerance since the Wrestletopians are very much into destruction of his office items.  Now both sides have come to an agreement for this intergalactic faceoff for the Galactic Belt and lucky for the world it will be Pay-Per-View too!

Invasion from Wrestletopia #3, interior art by Dan Schkade

In the end it will be a 70-30 split in revenue in favor for the Wrestletopians but at least Dick got merchandising and home media rights.  Then we are taking back to Rory’s situation in which he was captured by rogue wrestlers from space; still Wrestletopians I just wanted to try something different.  So they manage to take down Rory and are going through his stuff when we get to see “Mini Macho” take on the thugs and this is a great moment to show off Dan Schkade’s layouts as the wrestling action is very on point and features astonishing moves.  Luckily Don, Rory’s former manager and mentor, frees him and the three now have to get to St. Paul.

Invasion from Wrestletopia #3, interior art by Dan Schkade

Before the scene change we see Rory collect his personal things and he has a folded up poster of himself and Linda, aka “Spanish Rose.”  So it doesn’t look like she was forgotten which is great as I would love to see what happened to her after Rory left.  Next we head over to an emergency summit of world leaders and they come to a conclusion that only other wrestlers can stop the Wrestletopians.  This is so much fun as we get to see these nation based wrestlers be featured and defended by their representative and this is probably the most functional I’ve seen the U.N. be in order to help the world; you’ll enjoy their wrestle free for all.  I also really enjoyed the two reveals this issue, the first being the secret origin of “Mini Macho” which was just positively inspiring and well laid out on the page too.

Invasion from Wrestletopia #3, interior art by Dan Schkade

The second review was finding out who “you know who” was from issue two; Adrian Polaris, the speaker for Manifest Destiny, reveals himself and the others with the mark of the New Zodiac who wish to dethrone Manifest Destiny.  They figure if they can prevent Rory from making it to the match they can get their own ringer in to win, who would happen to be “Sunny” Jim Cooley, “the Peach Blossom Playboy.”  Remember when I mentioned that Dick has a strong tolerance?  Well it is proven as one of the wrestlers grabs him by the…you know, his namesake.  So Dick and the New Zodiac have formed an alliance…looks like we might be gearing up for a three way match. 

Invasion from Wrestletopia #3, interior art by Dan Schkade

Again I strongly recommend this series, it is such a fun comic and a great mood booster as it will have you laughing at the situations and how wild they get.  Inspiring moments help to keep you rooting for Rory and the action is just on point.  Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin have crafted a fantastic adventure with lots of layers that keep unraveling with each new issue, can’t wait for the next!  Also read the wrestler bios as the end of the issue, great humor and insights.  This mini-series was created and written by Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin of Suspicious Behavior Productions, the production company they founded in order to waste money, find them on social media with links here: TwitterTumblrFacebook. Also find artist Dan Schkade on Twitter and Here


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