The United States Of Women 20: Dancing Goddess

Explore the rarely discussed women who have helped to shape America and the world through science, education, writing, public service, and so much more. Join Elizabeth and Jessica from Geeks Watch and Love of Pages as they shine a spotlight on those women often forgotten in history class. In season 3, remembering the women of New Jersey, episode 4, the ladies discuss the American pioneer of modern dance and the co-founder of the American Denishawn School of Dancing and Related Arts, Ruth St. Denis.

Hey Mitch! 129: Logan Schwanke “Polarized” Comic Book

Mitch sits down with Logan Schwanke, to talk about his kickstarter campaign for his comic book ‘Polarized’, about two brothers that have super powers but diverge in personality from there. Kickstarter: Instagram: @polarized73 Facebook: Twitter: @loganschwanke Twitch: @schwankekong

Televised Heroics 135: I Threw A Trash Bag Into Space, At Work

Daniel and Mitch are watching ‘Invincible’ on Amazon Prime Video. The first three episodes of the first season have been released and the guys dive right in. So if you watch Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, The Walking Dead, Jessica Jones, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Daredevil, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD, or Preacher, tune in to Televised Heroics as Daniel and Mitch remind you why you like scripted television again.

The Geeks’ Watch 215: The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Ep 2 “The Star-Spangled Man”

The Watchers: John, Jess, Mitch, Stephen, and Elizabeth talk about all their Week’s Watch and then jump into the new MCU series on Disney+, ‘The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’; episode 2 ‘The Star-Spangled Man’. Chapters: 1:15Introductions 1:37Elizabeth’s Week’s Watch 10:29Stephen’s Week’s Watch 20:56 Jessica’s Week’s Watch 29:23John’s Week’s Watch 43:52 Mitch’s Week’s Watch 48:49 The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Discussion 1:15:48 Outros

The Mitch & Rich Show 83: Zack Snyder’s Justice League Crossover Event Part 3

When the Eastern winds meet the Western gusts the results are a sight to see. The Mitch & Rich Show brings these two movie powerhouses together to discuss cinema and its greatness. Mitch and Rich take part in an epic crossover event with The Real Movie Critic Vs The Cine-Guy Podcast and The Men Of Steel Podcast of the Certain POV Network aswell as the We Have Issues Podcast from the Geek Elite Media Network and here is part 3. Listen to Part 1 here: The Real Movie Critic VS The Cine-Guy And Part 2 here: We Have Issues

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Saturday vibes commence... hanging with the hubby and whoever wants to hang out. Either it will be comedic relief or rage on COD. Just trying to get through the battlepass

Hellions (2020) is such an under appreciated series! The stories are wild & surprisingly endearing, and the art is top notch! It’s crazy on how emotional I got reading issues 7 & 8. Never would I have thought that I’d feel sorry for Cameron Hodge’s Smiley robots... but here I am.


Join Keith and Josue as they break down all the biggest comic books from this week!

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