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Hey Mitch! Episode 93: Meet Geek Elite Media – Stephen Clarke

Mitch continues this new segment Meet Geek Elite Media, so our listeners can get to know the other members of our collective. This outing is Stephen Clarke who is a host of The Geek’s Watch with Mitch, as well as a writing contributor to the website and designer of almost all of our original art. Twitter: @peppermintgent Instagram: @peppermintgentleman

Hey Mitch! Episode 90: Tucson Comic Con 2019

Mitch has four interviews from the convention floor of Tucson Comic Con from all aspects of creative passion: Smitty Tut Designs – Metal and Leather Works Facebook: @SmittyTutDesigns Instagram: @SmittyTut Website: SmittyTutDesigns Nikki of Sadejene.com – Illustrator Facebook/Instagram/YouTube: SajedeneArt Website: Sajedene.com Keith Jim – Comic Creator Facebook: KTJ1 Comics & Arts Instagram: KTJ1Comics Larry of Lucky Mint Photography – Cosplay Photographer Social Media: @LuckyMintPhoto Website: LuckyMint.com
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