Late Gamer Plays

Late Gamer Plays Doom

A Review By Hidai Moya

This is every Christian parents worst nightmare & every gamer’s wet dream. Satanic iconography, hardcore heavy metal music, demonic occultism, & extreme graphic violence combine together to create an unholy alliance of orgasmic carnage.
An anemic story is just a conduit to deliver nerve wrecking battles between you & the macabre demons who have escaped from hell.

Ravenous in their desire to rip you to shreds one must continuously run & gun to avoid dying & tear them to pieces before they do the same to you. You aren’t locked inside with them, the demons are locked inside with you. When you are in hallway surrounded by ghouls & the heavy metal music starts playing as you reload your shotgun you feel your brain go into overdrive with a sudden flurry of adrenaline & dopamine.
It’s the most intense gaming experience possible.
Grade A

The Late Gamer Plays Call Of Juarez – Gunslinger

A Review By Hidai Moya

This isn’t a cowboy simulator, but a straightforward callback to the Western arcade shooter.
In typical Ubisoft fashion it takes real historical events, real outlaws, & real stories & puts its own unique spin on them (if you learned a bunch of stuff playing Assassin’s Creed games this does the same thing).
You play as a gunslinger who encountered all of the legends of the Old West from Billy the Kid to Jesse James & is out for revenge against the man who murdered his brother.

The shooting galleries are a terrific variety of Western settings. Staying true to its roots the shooting mechanics themselves are simple & effective & make you feel as if you were standing right in front of the arcade machine putting quarters in.
If you think Red Dead is too slow or simply need an alternative Western game this is the one!
Grade B+

The Late Gamer Plays Call Of Duty – Advanced Warfare

A Review By Hidai Moya

Advanced Warfare was so much fun, even after The MW Trilogy & the first 3 Black Ops titles, I thought I had seen it all but this game breathed a lot of new life into the series.
The first 2/3’s of this game is an unapologetic, over the top, bombastic, thrilling Michael Bay inspired roller coaster ride.

I know its a cliche to say something is “action packed” but this really was. There was definitely adrenaline pumping through my veins in a lot of the set pieces. You’re not quite a “space marine” in this game but you do have a cool exo suit & smart weapons that make combat more amusing.
The story is predictable as hell especially with Keven Spacey playing the head of the worlds largest Mercenary Army & they definitely phoned in the finale like they were running out of time but it was a blast up to that point.
Grade B

The Late Gamer Plays Grand Theft Auto – Vice City

A Review By Hidai Moya

I’ve literally never played a Grand Theft Auto game until now & this was the first one I just completed.
Inspired by the Miami drug wars of the 80s & the pop culture that it itself inspired, this is a game that gives 0 fucks.
You start a gang war between the Haitians & Cubans, get involved in the porn industry, extort businesses, bomb buildings, be a hitman, & cause untold urban chaos across Miami in order to become its biggest Kingpin.

The vehicle UI is still amazing as Cars/motorcycles respond flawlessly & the driving is accentuated with one of the greatest gaming soundtracks ever with its plethora of fantastic 80’s bangers.
The sheer amount of creativity & thought that went into this game still holds up 18 years since it’s release & though the shooting mechanics are dated the games irreverent writing is still timeless.
Grade A-

The Late Gamer Plays Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare

A Review By Hidai Moya

Zombie games are a cliche & it takes a lot of creativity to make one stand out but this one had it easy.
All it does is simply place the zombie game in the old west to make it seem novel but other than that I found it to be an average experience.
The zombies aren’t that exciting, they’re just your average zombies & as always the towns people need your help to liberate their town from the undead & to provide supplies.

It’s decent enough to make you want to play it but the fact of the matter is this game is still broken. NPC’s don’t generate their full bodies & when I went into Mexico it caused the game to crash. I tried a couple of times to work around the bug but no progress could be made causing the game to be permanently stuck in the same place.
This has been a known issue for the last ten years & it still remains unfixed.
Grade C


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