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Late Gamer Plays Red Dead Redemption

A Review From Hidai Moya

Just played this for the first time & can now appreciate why it’s held in such high regard by so many.
The main story didn’t really grab me like I had hoped because I didn’t like the way that Martson is the government’s errand boy which totally undermined how badass & cool he was in my eyes (but he is an outstanding character there is no denying).
What I really respected however, was the love that went into creating the game engine. Before Ubisoft became acclaimed for their historical open worlds, Rockstar did it first here with their remarkable engine that clearly influenced the ‘Assassin Creed’ franchise.
I was also surprised at how sharp & insightful the dialog was. It’s the kind of honest & raw expressions of humanity that I wish more games had. When the finale finally hit I thought it was the perfect way to wrap up the game.

Grade A-

Late Gamer Plays FARCRY 5


A Review From Hidai Moya

FARCRY 5 never aimed to be a “Game Of The Year” contender, however it more than deserves an honorable mention.
Ubisoft has a natural propensity to make really fun games from ideas that seemed really obvious and yet nobody does them. They proved that with the last two ‘Assassin Creed’ games and they did it again here by placing players in rural United States & make the traditionally castigated rural “American Redneck” the heroes of the story. Not only did this game improve on the FARCRY formula with considerable innovations, it also has the best gaming soundtrack of the year with its mesmerizing original cult songs…and for the record I genuinely loved its subversive ending.

Late Gamer Plays “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon” by Hidai Moya

Late Gamer Plays “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon” by Hidai Moya

Whereas “FARCRY3” was a nod to the bombastic style of 80’s action films it’s spin off, “Blood Dragon”, is a full blown balls to the wall 80’s throwback. It’s full of delightfully cheesy retro kitsch. Right away the amusing 16-bit cut scenes will win you over. Once you begin taking out cyborgs & fighting off Blood Dragons the psychedelic neon color scheme accentuated by its spectacular synth soundtrack will transport you to the ultimate retro future of the 80’s. The writing is impressive too as the main character, Rex Power Colt, voiced by 80’s action star Michael Biehn, is such a one liner gold mine that I was literally laughing every 5 minutes. The AI on “Hard’ didn’t present much of a challenge but out of all the 80’s nostalgic things to come out lately this is the best. It’s awesome to the max. Grade A-

Late Gamer Plays “Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars By Hidai Moya

Lego’s “CLONE WARS” game is even better than the original SW Lego game. It perfectly captures the impromptu style of adventure the animated series is known for. Among the things that are noticeably improved over the original SW game is the music & visually impressive & creative boss fights. They involve multiple duels in different settings each with a unique twist. Surprisingly however one of the best things about this game is the inclusion of a Galactic Assault mode. It’s a seemingly simple yet challenging RTS battlefield where you have to take out enemy artillery with all sorts of weapons & vehicles at your disposable but in LEGO form which makes its twice as fun. This game is in many ways the runt of SW games. It may not be Battlefront or KOTR but as far as a Lego game is concerned this is among their very best. Grade A-

Late Gamer Plays “Call of Duty 2”

Late Gamer Plays “Call of Duty 2”
By: Hidai Moya

Call of Duty 2″ is unequivocally one of the franchise’s greatest titles that consistently hits peak FPS glory multiple times over & still boasts many of the series’s top moments. We leave the European Theatre to join the British Army & battle the Nazi Afrika Korps in the Sahara. The battles in the desert are astonishing especially with how well the Germans defend their positions & form fierce counter attacks. Meanwhile the austere landscape & moonlit sands offer a stunningly elemental backdrop to the Africa campaign. Not to be outdone are the US Army Rangers who culminate this game in extraordinary fashion. First by climbing Point Du Hoc on D-Day & fighting in the trenches & bunkers of Normandy, then in the most extraordinary moment yet, capturing a Nazi stronghold by charging up heavily defended Hill 400. It’s spellbinding. Grade A


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