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Hey Mitch! Episode 90: Tucson Comic Con 2019

Mitch has four interviews from the convention floor of Tucson Comic Con from all aspects of creative passion: Smitty Tut Designs – Metal and Leather Works Facebook: @SmittyTutDesigns Instagram: @SmittyTut Website: SmittyTutDesigns Nikki of – Illustrator Facebook/Instagram/YouTube: SajedeneArt Website: Keith Jim – Comic Creator Facebook: KTJ1 Comics & Arts Instagram: KTJ1Comics Larry of Lucky Mint Photography – Cosplay Photographer Social Media: @LuckyMintPhoto Website:
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@SBP_Comics Super glad you shared this story with us at @GeekEliteMedia as we have been enjoying it and can’t wait to see what Rory does next
#NCBD #DoYouEvenComicBook

Extra helping of #TacoTuesday. Doing some #R6Siege event stuff. Don’t be safe out there. #SupportSmallStreamers #twitchtv

We’re back to throw 20 Q’s at #EurovisionSongContestTheStoryOfFireSaga, incl:

Why do Europeans hate American tourists? What would a New Zealand entry in Eurovision look like? What dead singer would we want haunting us? Is she his sister?

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