My Night with Marilyn By: Daniel Barroso

My Night with Marilyn.
By: Daniel Barroso
On Wednesday January 10th, my girlfriend and I went to the highly anticipated Marilyn Manson concert. It was highly anticipated because he was supposed to perform at the Arizona State fair in October, but due to some technical, and health issues Mr. Manson had to reschedule. What had happened is he had two giant prop guns that were hanging on the stage that were used as set pieces. What multiple media outlets have stated, and reported is that at one point he climbed unto one of the set pieces rode it like a horse, rocked it back and forth, jumped off, and continued to give his performance. However, during mid song, the set piece became lose, knocked him in the back off the head which caused Marilyn to fly off the stage, and hit the guard railing where he broke his ankle. In panic, the band continued to play for 15 minutes before the ambulance carried an unconscious Marilyn to the ER.
Following these events, the rest of the North American tour titled “The Heaven Upside Down Tour” named after his newest album was rescheduled (all tickets were honored at the rescheduled date for those who were still interested in seeing him. Due to the accident, the concert was also moved to a bigger venue so more tickets were sold). Phoenix was the first city on the rescheduled tour so you could tell fans were excited. With original tickets being honored, and additional tickets being sold, this was a sold-out show, and it was a packed house. The venue it got moved to was “The Van Buren” which is a new music venue that opened its doors August 2017. The Venue holds about 1,800-2,400 people which is not bad. It also features a “Mezzanine” level which allows for a better view of the stage and GA pit. If you’re there solely for the performance, and don’t really want to dance (since the venue also hosts EDM shows) or want to get shoved around while people try to get closer to the stage, then I would recommend paying the extra money so you can enjoy yourself and get the Mezzanine area since it is an elevated open concept balcony that leaves plenty of room to walk around, dance if you choose to, and last but not least it is also a seated section. For this show I would have been fine with either the Mezzanine, or the GA Pit. The GA area was not bad, it did just suck at certain points because I’m a guy who is 5’6 and I had trouble seeing the stage due to everyone around me being significantly taller. No one at this show was too rowdy which was a plus. I did get taken out of the element in certain points just since other attendees shoved me out of the way so they could get closer to the front. Just a few more complaints about the venue would be with such a big artist like this why put him in a venue that is so intimate? To be honest I feel like it was a disservice to both the fans, and the artist. At a place so small, I wouldn’t mind seeing someone like “The Pretty Reckless” since they’re still an Indy upcoming band.
After a bit of waiting around, and a few drinks in 9:15 PM hits, the pre-recorded intro starts, and we hear Marilyn say “Phoenix, fucking sing it!” the curtain drops and there he is in a motorized wheel chair with an upside down cross. At this point I thought that he was going to perform sitting down the hole time which I had no problem with, but the next song he talks to us a bit saying how he got fucked up from his stage antics, and once he’s done with story time he stands up to sing his next song. After that song he sits back down, and the band automatically plays into the next song. The band, and of course Marilyn were all fantastic even with Marilyn having to alternate between songs from standing to sitting since his foot was still in a half cast, and I can’t even begin to imagine how much pain he was in by putting pressure on hit foot. My complaint with the show is that maybe he jumped the gun, and should’ve waited until he fully healed to kick off the rest of his tour. Some song transitions did drag due to the fact that he had some costume changes, or there where set changes and the band had to clear out, and then come back on stage once the set pieces, or props were set in place. The set was a nice mix of all of his hits, and a few of the newer stuff from his new album. I will add that I felt robbed, and I say this because in the other cities before the accident they performed a total of 20 songs including the encore, while we only got 14 including the encore, and yes it may be a bit insensitive for me to complain about that but we had tickets to see this band perform, I was hoping to get the same courtesy/show they gave other cities, and once again is why I wish he waited to full recover. Overall it was a good time, and surprisingly his voice held out through the entire performance. Another reason why I’m going to rank this show a bit higher than other concerts is because Marilyn had three big things happen on this tour: 1) His longtime guitarist/bassist was accused of sexual misconduct so Marilyn fired him. 2) his very good friend, and one of the founding members Daisy Berkowitz passed away after a long tough battle with cancer. 3) Marilyn became injured and had to postpone the tour. Taking these things into consideration I will give this show 6 beautiful people out of 10 beautiful people.


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