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Hey Mitch! 119: Yuma Art Center – Heroes Untied 2 Zybrena Porter

Mitch and Chris sit down to conduct a second session for the Yuma Art Center, interviewing the talented Zybrena Porter one of the talented artists featured in the Heroes United exhibit on display now at the Yuma Art Center. Website: Zybrena.com YumaArtCenter.com Instagram: @Zybrena

Hey Mitch! 118: Joining Call – Ash Blodgett, Rose Meza, & Pat Edwards

Mitch sits down with the director, Ash Blodgett, producer, Rose Meza, and writer, Pat Edwards, of the movie ‘Joining Call’, a short film conceived, shot, and edited all during COVID Quarantine, about a DnD group that tries to game during pandemic. The movie will premiere November 20th on Youtube. YouTube: youtube.com/user/LaughStashTV Twitter: @AshsStash @ThePatEdwards Instagram: @Moust_Ash @ThePatEdwards Website: ThePatEdwards.com

Hey Mitch! 117: Royals’ Revenge: Kellen Garner & Christopher Sheffield

Mitch sits down with the co-directors of the western, Royals’ Revenge, currently in theaters, Christopher Sheffield and Kellen Garner. Kellen is also the writer and star of the action pack film. Find out what its like putting together a feature film during pandemic, that also happens to be a period piece. Website: RoughRiderTotalEntertainment.com Instagram: Kellen Garner @BroomHorse Christopher Sheffield @Sheff_Shoots_Indie

Hey Mitch! Episode 114: Yuma Arts Center ‘Heroes United’ Featuring Vince Alvendia & Thomas Fernandez

Mitch along with Chris from Imagine If… & Pitch This sit down with Yuma Art Center director Vincent Higgins to have a discussion about the newest exhibit, ‘Heroes United’, and two of the featured artists; Vince Alvendia and Thomas Fernandez. Website: yumaaz.gov/parks-and-recreation/venues/art-center.html eggdropramen.studio geek-network.com Twitter: @YumaArtCenter @EggDropRamen @Tom40040461 Instagram: @yumaartcenter @eggdropramen @bdsthefresh
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The Geeks' Watch 205:
#WandaVision Eps 1 & 2 http://geekeliteradio.libsyn.com/the-geeks-watch-205-wandavision-eps-1-2?tdest_id=991493

We do our level best to give an appropriately PG rated review of #SoulMovie and make it a full 8 minutes before it all goes south 😆

Link: http://bit.ly/3bNQOLH

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It's another week and we've got John Bradley-Lestrange here to round up what we put out on our network!

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