Chris’ Comic Book Corner: Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #2 Review: The Challenger Has Shown Himself!

A Review From Christopher Franey
Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #2 cover

We are back for round two of ‘Wrestletopia’ by writers Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin along with artist Dan Schkade with colors by Marissa Louise.  This issue is going to open with a heck of a gut punch to the feelings; I’ve been reading comics for quite a while and every now and then you run across something so sad that it hits hard…the Death of Gwen Stacy was a sad moment, Batman getting his back broken was just so horrible to watch, and now I can say Rory Landell’s childhood was just some pure sadness.  That opener with his parents was a hard pill to swallow and it does build on why Rory went into wrestling and also serves as a “secret origin” to the shirt Rory wears too. 

Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #2 interior art

After the flashback/nightmare that Rory has, the scene is shifted to an observatory and we get to see what the local workers are seeing; just something that hits the imagination hard and fast…a steel cage…built around the world! It makes so much sense but it is just wild and crazy; I can’t wait for you to see that visual it is the best.  We are then taken to Don, Rory’s friend/manager/mentor, and he is having a fun time with his lover (don’t worry it is tasteful) when they start catching the news and we have our first public sign of the invasion as Manifest Destiny starts laying down the words pretty heavy and calling out Rory for the galaxy championship.  I really enjoyed as Manifest was going on with his smack talk that the other “Wrestletopians” were invading Earth at famous landmarks it was hilarious to see F.B.I. agents taking on wrestlers at the White House. 

In this issue we are treated to a new character, Mini Macho; it turns out he is also looking for Rory and it appears they have wrestled in the past.  If you also in this and last issue you find that Rory has knee problems and it seems that Don was able to fix that, but the two aren’t together right now.  We are treated to Rory taking on some of the “Wrestleopians” which looks to drive to a meeting for a future issue as Rory is taken down.  Make sure to read the extra material at the end of the issue as there are some clues in there. 

Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #2 interior art

Dan Schkade does a fantastic job on his layouts for the issue; he has a way with having his figures more in dynamic ways and it displays some great action scenes.  I have seen Dan’s art before in Will Eisner’s the Spirit Returns from Dynamite comics so Dan is an artists who can draw a hero who gets beat on but never quits, so this is perfect for the story of Rory.  Ed and Matt’s story is fascinating and with issue two they do a great job of peeling back layers; with Rory’s past and then the current situation with Manifest Destiny.  Mystery is also involved as some of the “Wrestleopians” mention taking Rory to someone else so that should be interesting to find out later.  These two writers also bring the humor along as the characters are great with their loud boisterous ways and the feelings creep in as well with the flashbacks to young Rory.  Get ready for a slam-down on your heart strings, brother!

So do yourself a favor and check out issue two as it keeps the flow going and is building to a galactic showdown that keeps your inner wrestling fan wanting more. This mini-series was created and written by Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin of Suspicious Behavior Productions, the production company they founded in order to waste money. Social media is here: TwitterTumblrInstagramFacebook.

Late Gamer Plays The Witcher

A Review By Hidai Moya

The 1st game in The Witcher Trilogy has become one of my most notable gaming experiences.
Not knowing what to expect I was stunned to find a profoundly immersive story with remarkable world building, highly detailed character development, fascinating political intrigue, societal iniquity, & moral ambiguity.

This is a very well spun epic. Geralt, his beautiful sorceress lover Triss, & a mysterious child with magical abilities embark on an adventure of vengeance & mystery to unravel a dark conspiracy that threatens everything they love.
Though the combat took getting used to, I came to admire Geralt’s beautiful fight animations.

There were some bad game bugs that I encountered but it was nothing a few save files couldn’t fix. Whatever perceived shortcomings one may have about this game are overshadowed by its captivating ambition, quality storytelling, & alluring characters.
A very good start to one of the greatest video game trilogies of all time.
Grade A-

Chris’ Comic Book Corner: Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #1 Review: Get Ready For Thrills And Spills, Brother!

A Review From Christopher Franey
Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #1 cover

Straight out of Starburns Industries Press comes an invasion of wrestlers that is just a fun dynamic comic to read.  While I was reading issue #1 I felt that same energy, excitement, and hyperbole of the WCW/WWF on Saturday mornings as a kid and it was a fantastic revisit to those days.  The story by Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin is a nice mix of nostalgia, romance, and hard knocks that puts “Rock N Roll” Rory Landell’s journey on our radar.  Rory starts off as the young up and comer who is going to be the champion; luckily he has a great woman in his corner to motivate and inspire him, but sadly to Rory that isn’t enough…those dreams of being the champion are all he sees.  Even the advice he gets from his manager, “Mr. Don Fong Wong”, isn’t enough to stop this head strong wrestler from pursuing the championship.  We are introduced to a character that is just tragic enough that you feel for him but you know he can’t be helped until he wants it; very nice opener for the inaugural issue. 

To add to Rory Landell’s problems he is going to be bypassed as the new American Wrestling Federation champion in favor of “Boy Scout” Bob Schultz keeping his title for those higher pay-per-view ratings.  With this bombshell happening Rory decides to bite the hand that feeds him and during his pre-wresting interview Rory declares himself the “Galactic Champion of the Universe” and I love how that statement will come back to haunt him.  Remember earlier how I mentioned nostalgia, well that works perfectly as the story opens back in 1999 and then flashes back to 1984 which would be when Rory makes his bold declaration and those galactic claims finally make it to Planet Wrestletopia fifteen years later.  So not only is Rory having a hard time on Earth his problems are about to go universal. 

Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #1 interior art

I really enjoyed the dialogue and humor in this first issue as it plays perfectly to the troupes of televised wrestling; all the extravagant build up and multiple use of “brother!”  The characters interacted perfectly to establish a history and you do feel for Rory’s girlfriend, Linda, and Mr. Don Fong Wong as they really care for Rory but their hopes for Rory are dashed.  The issue does leave you wanting more as we are barely introduced to Manifest Destiny but it will be very exciting to see him go up against Rory, who is currently a washout.  If you enjoyed The Wrestler movie then you are going to enjoy this lighter look at a lost hero’s path as it keeps the drama but has just the right amount of laughs to entertain. 

The art by Dan Schkade is great as his style is perfect for these larger than life characters but not unbelievable as well.  Dan has fantastic layouts for the wrestling scenes that keep the action moving and also provide the slapstick to make it happen.  I also appreciate the way the characters aged and retained their look as well; you can see they have been weather by life but you know who they are.  Dan’s art is also enhanced by Marissa Louise’s colors and she brings an amazing palette that takes the wrestling ring to the farther corners of the universe and makes that spandex look heroic. 

Matt Entin & Ed Kuehnel the writers behind the story

So if you are looking for a great escape and fun time then I would highly recommend this six issue miniseries for you.  Comics are always fun but they are even better when you find independent stories that are made with creators who are doing it for the passion and fun of it all; so head on over to Comixology and check out Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #1.

Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia is a six-issue mini-series created and written by Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin of Suspicious Behavior Productions, the production company they founded in order to waste money. Social media is here: TwitterTumblrInstagramFacebook.

The Late Gamer Plays Assassin’s Creed – Syndicate: Jack The Ripper

A Review By Hidai Moya

Marginally better than the main game, this DLC has a more interesting plot with an improved sense of urgency than Syndicate’s original story.
With Jacob Frye gone missing, & Jack the Ripper on a murder spree, Evie Frye must find her brother & uncover the identity of one of histories most famous killers.

New combat mechanics are introduced in the form of fear gas, Indian impalement spikes, & brass rings which you can beat your opponent to a pulp with. The new fear system allows you to scare off multiple opponents as they witness you impaling one of their comrades. It’s a welcome change to Syndicates bland combat. Surprisingly you also get to play as Jack the Ripper himself too in a couple of sequences.
Although I wasn’t as satisfied with the end of the story, it is definitely a step up from Syndicate’s uninspired campaign.
Grade B-

The Geeks’ Watch – Episode 179 The Great S1XE3 “And You Sir Are No Peter The Great”

“The future comes, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall miss no game, withhold no news, report all rumors. I shall wear no jerseys and plead allegiance to no side. I shall live and die on my webpage. I am the word in the darkness. I am the watcher of the tv. I am the megaphone that informs the realms of geek. I pledge my hands and name to the Geek’s Watch, for geeks and all the geeks to come.” John, Jess, Mitch, Stephen, and Elizabeth talk about their week’s watch, then discuss Hulu’s new original show ‘The Great’, episode 3, “And You Sir Are No Peter The Great”.

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War! HUH! What is it good for!? Hopefully the Viewers! Say it again!
#twitch #smallstreamer #plays #Piratecommunity #Safezone #Warzone #squad #Poggers #Potg

My Spy (2020) isn’t amazing or a must-watch, but it is a surprisingly cute & heartwarming story. Chloe Coleman is endearing, and Dave Bautista continues to show us his comedic chops that made me genuinely laugh out loud a couple of times. This is worth a watch!

Charlie’s Angels (2019) is a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed the chemistry between the leading ladies! Naomi Scott plays her character perfectly! Ella Balinska was a convincing & mesmerizing badass! And I was just happy to see Kristen Stewart have so much fun onscreen!

We’re back for another fun #podcast episode of Pitch This, with it @AndyyyCanchola and I bring back a movie in order to give it a sequel and beef up that franchise. All that amazing wistfulness and #POPCulture news
#movies #collateral #theNiceGuys

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