Late gamer plays Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag By: Hidai Moya

Playing this has been one of my most memorable gaming experiences ever. Admittedly I’m biased because the game is set in my own homeland, the Mayan world of the Caribbean, & being able to explore it during the Golden Age of Piracy was a dream come true. I loved being able to sail my ship across the sea, visit breathtaking uncharted tropical islands, explore Mayan ruins in the jungle, swim with manta rays, dive into shipwrecks, engage in epic naval combat & board enemy ships to battle its crew & steal their plunder. The 18th century Caribbean is a wonderful place to explore. It’s the type of open world game with lots to discover (My favorite discoveries were the secret pirate coves). Though I do agree that it would’ve been even better without the AC lore, the story still has a lot of emotionally compelling moments that are very moving & the soundtrack is excellent. After 186 hours logged in I made it to 99% completion. The best Pirate game of all.


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