Chris’ Comic Book Corner: Heroes In Crisis #5

A Review From Chris Franey

So we are at the vertex of this Crisis and the tensions are high.  This issue is brought to you by Tom King with words and Clay Mann on art…right away that big splash page with the credits is Eisner perfect (yes both for the Artist and the award).  Do yourself a favor and absorb this page as much as you can, from the wall paper to the body language to the hidden message (now you’ll know why it is an Eisner title page).  The best part of the page is Blue and Gold!  Yes as they are in their glorious inaction having pizza and watching tv, its fantastic.  
I’m going to sing a lot of praise for the art on this as we all have our tastes and some artist just come to mind when you think of a hero.  When I think of Superman I visualize Dan Jurgens and how he drew him, recently I’ve come to enjoy my heroes being drawn by Brett Booth, don’t forget George Perez.  Clay Mann is an artist that is showing us some museum quality art and it is Crisis worthy.  


Now of course we have a mystery going on and teams set, Blue & Gold who will probably clash with Harley Quinn and Batgirl; who the latter are making quite a great team as well.   I’m loving their dynamic and honest banter.  Quinn is learning a lot about the business and I’m sure Barbara is have some internal moments dealing with a Joker Family member.


The best part of this issue is the fact that the Justice League, more specifically the Trinity, must come forward with the existence of Sanctuary and what it does for heroes.  I like Tom’s words as Superman and letting us know that it is ok to be rattled by what has happened to us and what can potentially be scarring memories.  I would recommend that when you read this issue read it as it was given, then read it again with just Superman’s speech, then again with the just the dialogues around it, I’m sure you’ll come out better for it and maybe even discover some clues or great insights.  


I’ve been enjoying this Crisis and I like the idea of mental health being something to be explored.  I can’t wait till more clues come and of course the conclusion.  This issue was great continuing the momentum from the last issue public reveal and has lots of eye candy in the form of other heroes and characters hearing about Sanctuary and what it’s mission is.  I would give this issue 4 out of 5 Skeets, only because I would hope more reveals, but then again Tom King does play it close to the chest.  Read on and Excelsior!

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