Chris’ Comic Book Corner: Man Without Fear #5

A Review from Chris Franey

The conclusion has come and we can see Matt on the other side…of what?  We will get to that.  So this is the miniseries that takes us from Charles Soule’s (fantastic) run to the new Chip Zdarsky & Marco Checchetto’s era on DD.  It did the job and then some!  Sometimes this minis can just get glossed over and I’m sure ol’ Hornhead fans bought it out of loyalty, but this was a great bridge from death to whatever DD faces next.  
Jed MacKay and his stable of artists: Danilo S. Beyruth, Stefano Landini, Iban Coello, and Paolo Villanelli gave justice to Matt Murdock during this transition from coma, to bedridden, to out the window.  Kyle Hotz had some amazing poster worthy covers to treat our eyes, especially this last one really showcasing Matt’s Catholicism.  Jed gave the man without fear some inner demons that put the fear and pain back in his life.  I liked the physical/mental representations of fear and pain being in Matt’s costumes and how they would come to terrorize him and berate him back down.   


I like how Jed used Matt’s father as a great source of inspiration for what pain can be used for, “Pain keeps us going.”  That is a great mantra especially considering the beating a hero takes, and Matt fights in the streets.  This was refreshing and very honest in my opinion as with an ageing body you don’t mind pain, but fear of re injury does stop us from being the swashbuckler that we once were.  Nothing can stop you in your tracks like chronic pain and feeling of “uh oh,” but I like how Jed uses Matt’s father and the old stubborn Murdock pride to push forward and make it happen.  This is a great mini-series that will inspire you to take that step after being knocked down.


To be very honest with you I bought this mini out of respect for DD and to keep my collection complete, but I was very surprised with the masterpiece that Jed and company delivered to us all.  If you missed out, then go back and get the back issues or buy the upcoming trade.  This ended on a great note and took a broken Daredevil and pushed him out the window.  I give this issue 5 out of 5 painkillers and enjoyed it’s inspiring message on how to keep pain and fear at bay.  Read on and Excelsior!


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