Chris’ Comic Book Corner: Daredevil #1

A Review From Christopher Franey

Everything old is new again…but it’s not this time.  This time the Man without Fear will Know Fear.  There might be minor SPOILERS in this review and I would suggest that you read the issue yourself and I’ll try not to spill it all out here, but I will tell you this issue is worth your money and time.  Daredevil has been one of my favorite characters since I was a kid and I find myself checking out his adventures as often as I can.  We have been really lucky with the creative teams behind Daredevil, a real murders’ row.  Last time we saw DD he was killed by Charles Soule and then Jed MacKay revived him but planted seeds of fear and pain into Matt’s life.

Daredevils dead, long live Daredevil!  So the new creative team of Chip Zdarsky & Marco Checchetto are starting issue 1 off by doing some great world building.  They introduce us to their Matt Murdock and we get some great vibes of how he is, the inner conflicts he has, and it does nicely remind of us the Netflix show.  We have a new character of Detective Cole North who seems like a no nonsense kind of guy in a dirty department of police, so this will definitely be a challenge for Matt, a real hard nose cop.  We get more of Matt’s past and a new relationship with Father Cathal, which plays really nicely with Matt’s logic and morals.  This is a grate issue 1 and does the perfect job of setting up, introducing the players, and builds a hell of a conflict!


The conflict is a tough one as well, we see that Matt wants people to know that Daredevil is still out there doing the job, Hell’s Kitchen is safe.  We get to see that DD is not quite what he used to be in his acrobats and also on his street fighting.  Which snowballs very fast and leaves us with a narrow escape for DD, a fire, a dead man, and some evidence…which you’ll have to read since I don’t want to spoil this treat.  This will build for some major conflict which I’m guess will come to a head in issue 3, based on covers. 


Marco does an amazing job on the interior art, the first page in which we see Matt in costume needs to be a poster…ASAP!  We have seen Marco before on Daredevil and we were also treated to him teaming up with Spider-Man and Punisher in the Omega Effect, so this man has earned his horns.  Do yourself a favor and read it again and recommend to a friend.  I give this issue 5 out of 5 billy clubs, so as always read on and Excelsior! 

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