The Late Gamer Plays Assassin’s Creed III – Liberation

A Review By Hidai Moya

The important thing to remember about this game is understanding it was meant to be a bite sized AC game originally designed for the PS Vita. For the most part it does succeed in being that with some varied level design & locales.
It’s Colonial New Orleans base isn’t really that special however the inclusion of the Louisiana Bayou & Maya territory in Mexico is more exciting to explore.

There really isn’t a satisfactory explanation for the story as the writing could’ve been much better but the character of Aveline is important as being the first female protagonist in the series & I really loved her voice acting. She can disguise herself as a Lady, slave, or Assassin depending on what the situation calls for & her enemies react uniquely to each of her personas.
This is an average AC entry.
Grade B-

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#RogueOne hands down. It was an actual story and real sacrifices needed to be made. It wasn’t like #RiseofSkywalker which was a blatant disregard for @rianjohnson work that did everything in its power to fit a trilogy into 1 film. (I still gave it a 👍 review tho😜) #FilmTwitter

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