Patreon Voted Exclusive 1: Missed 2020 Theatrical Releases

The first Divination Tier voted podcast exclusive to Patreon. The members of The Geeks’ Watch talk about the movies that were supposed to premiere theatrically in 2020 but were either delayed or moved to streaming/VOD instead. Become a Divination Tier patron and vote on future Patreon exclusive podcasts.

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Here's Mitch (@mitchipediagem) and Elizabeth of the Geeking To The Chapel podcast and others, at the start of their Thanksgiving meal and they hope you had a good meal this turkey day too.

Host of the Journey Into Mystery podcast and Twitch gamer Ian (@Ianflux12) wishes everyone an amazing Thanksgiving day and to be safe.

#RogueOne hands down. It was an actual story and real sacrifices needed to be made. It wasn’t like #RiseofSkywalker which was a blatant disregard for @rianjohnson work that did everything in its power to fit a trilogy into 1 film. (I still gave it a 👍 review tho😜) #FilmTwitter

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