Late Game Plays “Return To Castle Wolfenstein”

Late Game Plays “Return To Castle Wolfenstein”
By: Hidai Moya

The long awaited sequel to the iconic 1992 classic & a prequel to the 2014 hit “The New Order”, I’m very happy to say 2001’s “Return To Castle Wolfenstein” still holds up quite well today. I have a special place in my heart for this historical fantasy franchise. It’s a great mix of SciFi & Nazi Occultism. The goal is to stop Himmler from unleashing an ancient demonic power to win WWII. Dr. Deathshead & his monstrous Mecha-Nazi creations also make their debut. It does a good job mixing its classical FPS style with the gaming mechanics of the modern era especially in the wide array of weapons to choose from. The level design is fantastic. With consistent from arctic bases to medieval catacombs to explore it always keeps you on your toes & it never feels repetitive. It gave me 23 hrs of Nazi killing fun! Grade B+

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