Late Gamer Plays Apex Legends – Season 3

A Review From Hidai Moya

Season 3 of Apex Legends brings with it an entirely new map and a new Hero in Crypto.
As someone who loves the outstanding squad based gameplay in this battle royale, but who thought the debut map was cliched, the new map remedies this immensely.
It’s simply beautiful & takes clear inspiration from the Icelandic environment with beautiful tundra landscapes, volcanoes, frozen terrains, multicolored geysers, as well more traditional urban environments with construction towers/sites. It’s refreshing for the eyes wandering around these hostile yet pristine environments.
A new addition in S3 is the introduction of loot globes. Disco balls that float around the map that you have to shoot down to see whats inside. It’s a tactful risk deciding whether or not to shoot one down & give away your position but if the desire for better loot is strong you may have no choice but to do so.
The addition of the Legend in “Crypto” is a neat win for the games inclusive characters with the first Asian Legend. His hacker abilities however I feel may be overpowered. His EMP bomb can obliterate all defenses & he has a drone which can identify & spot any enemy. Every time I go up against him, it feels a bit unfair to have that much power because even some of the best hiding spots are not hidden from him.
Overall S3 feels even better than when this game debuted earlier in the year. It’s my contender for Multiplayer Game of the year.
Grade A-

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