Late Gamer Plays Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

A Review From Hidai Moya

This is a good game but it was not as amazing as I had hoped.
It is more of an homage to the series rather than a standalone new adventure, that felt a lot like it was retreading old ground. Even its beloved action set piece was something we had seen a bit before.
I felt that a lot of the climbing was spammy & the puzzles were nonsensical even by Uncharted standards, however Naughty Dog has an incredible talent for creating visually rich cinematic locales.
The Scottish wilds were lavishly beautiful & my favorite in the game. I wish however that it maintained its linear structure instead of its semi open world design, that is not as rewarding as it thinks it is.
This is undeniably a good production but as unpopular as it may sound it is my least favorite Uncharted game.

Grade B+

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