Late Gamer Plays Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

A Review From Hidai Moya

“The Old Blood” is yet another violently fun entry into the classic Wolfenstien franchise. This game is soft remake of 2001’s “Return to Castle Wolfenstein” where you first must escape the titular locale & then put an end to Nazi occultists digging up undead secrets of a supernatural past. One thing this series does so well, better than many FPS franchises, is that it really puts in the effort to create outstanding shooting gallerys. Wether on a bridge, a cable car, or a charming bavarian town, it’s adrenaline pumping run & gun play is very satisfying. It’s weak point is that its story is nowhere near as emotionally impact as its other entries but its serviceable. For dedicated fans there’s even multiple levels of 1992’s “Wolfenstein 3D” hidden around the game world to find. Not as good as the 2001 version, but still very fun. Grade B

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