The Geeks’ Watch – Episode 55 Strangers Things Season 2 Episode 3

“The future comes, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall miss no game, withhold no news, report all rumors. I shall wear no jerseys and plead allegiance to no side. I shall live and die on my webpage. I am the word in the darkness. I am the watcher of the tv. I am the megaphone that informs the realms of geek. I pledge my hands and name to the Geek’s Watch, for geeks and all the geeks to come.”

John and Mitch are talking about geek news and Stranger Things season 2 episode 3.

Late Gamer Plays “Call of Duty 2”

Late Gamer Plays “Call of Duty 2”
By: Hidai Moya

Call of Duty 2″ is unequivocally one of the franchise’s greatest titles that consistently hits peak FPS glory multiple times over & still boasts many of the series’s top moments. We leave the European Theatre to join the British Army & battle the Nazi Afrika Korps in the Sahara. The battles in the desert are astonishing especially with how well the Germans defend their positions & form fierce counter attacks. Meanwhile the austere landscape & moonlit sands offer a stunningly elemental backdrop to the Africa campaign. Not to be outdone are the US Army Rangers who culminate this game in extraordinary fashion. First by climbing Point Du Hoc on D-Day & fighting in the trenches & bunkers of Normandy, then in the most extraordinary moment yet, capturing a Nazi stronghold by charging up heavily defended Hill 400. It’s spellbinding. Grade A

Late Gamer Plays “Call of Duty United Offfensive”

Late gamer Plays “Call of Duty United Offensive”
By: Hidai Moya

The followup to the original CoD game offers a more fluent story & campaign. Instead of having an assortment of different missions, this follows the singular battles of the Eastern & Western fronts of WWII. The Battle of the Bulge is really good, even if it takes much of its direct visual style from HBO’s “Band of Brothers”, its a lot of fun ambushing a Nazi convoy in the snow & fighting in the farms. However its the Soviet Offensive in the East that I really took after, partly because it’s not something Americans are taught about & I liked playing as a Russian Soldier. The Battle of Kursk was excellent with its gloomy overcast skies, rich dark atmosphere, & brutal fighting. This is followed by an excellent finale in the Battle of Kharkov that is one of the most challenging final levels of any CoD game. Grade A-

Late Gamer Watches “Batman: The Killing Joke”

Late Gamer Watches “Batman: The Killing Joke”
By: Hidai Moya

Based on the iconic graphic novel of the same name, this movie tells the dual story of the origins of the Joker and how he got to be so demented & his vile “final plan” on how to deal with Batman. While it was decried by many to be a mediocre adaptation of the novel, I’m not a fundamentalist about adaptations so some of the changes made didn’t bother much. By the time of its release we have already gotten plenty of movies exploring the edge of darkness that Batman must traverse when the Joker pushes him far. I was never once bored with this movie but given the subject matter it’s about I didn’t feel it delivered the emotional devastation it should have. Came across feeling just like an average Batman movie. “The Return of the Joker” film set the bar for emotionally devastating Joker scenes & this didn’t reach that level. Grade B-


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