Late Gamer Plays: The Wolf Among Us. By Hidai Moya

Even by Telltale standards this is barely a video game. There are 20-year-old point & click adventures with more actual gameplay than this, however none of that seems to matter because in reality this is like more like a season of a Netflix original drama rather than a video game. The story here is actually really intriguing as twisted version of “Once Upon a Time” where all of the classical fairy tale characters live in today’s world and many of them struggle to get by so they have to turn to the criminal underworld to survive. When some prostitutes get their heads cut off its up to the Big Bad Wolf to solve the murder mystery. It’s because of him that this “game” becomes really memorable. I really dug his sensational final confrontation with Bloody Mary. I just wish this “game” had actual gameplay to it. Grade A-


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Day 1 of paying up on my loss to Mitch in week 9 in The Fantastical Football Podcast on @GeekEliteMedia . Repping as a Niners Faithful at @brewersyuma . Only 6 more days to go. #GeekEliteFantasyFootball

With the release of Primal this past weekend, the 1st of four Nicolas Cage movies we'll be blessed with in the next 3 months, we want to know:

What are YOUR Top 3 Nicolas Cage performances?!?

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As the #AutumnOfTheRemakes approaches its end, we tackle the film that started a decades-long smear campaign against Texas.


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