Imagine If… – Episode 33 Renew Your DC

Chris and Mitch talk about Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows and how that might look in the DC Universe. Also what are they reading and what is new this week.

So if you ever wonder”What If?”, or utter the words “Just Imagine”, or love to argue “Who Would Win?” then this is the podcast for you. Let Chris and Mitch take you to another world, another time, and instruct you to “Imagine If…”.

Late Game Plays “Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4” By: Hidai Moya

As a major Harry Potter fan I was obliged to play this. The “Lego” games are in fact movie games in a really adorable form. The best thing I can say about it is the fact that you get to explore the grounds of Hogwarts Castle. While you are visiting the Great Hall, walking along the covered bridge, walking around snow covered Hogsmede, & battling dementors at night above the castle grounds, John Williams incredible music is playing in the background. It’s enough solicit an emotional response. Leveling up also syncs with the story as each progressing year Harry learns more powerful spells. The only negative is that Year 4 is rushed since its length is quite short compared to the previous years. This game offers fans of the Potter series an excuse to revisit childhood memories. Grade B

Televised Heroics – Episode 79 You Can’t Feel Sympathy For Hitler


Listen at your own risk, because here there be SPOILERS, so I hope you are caught up on all your comic book tv shows.


So if you watch Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, The Walking Dead, Jessica Jones, Dc’s Legends of Tomorrow, Daredevil, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD, or Agent Carter, tune in to Televised Heroics as Daniel and Mitch remind you why you like scripted television again

Direct To Review: Beyond The Trek (Teleios) By Leonard Torres

A Scientific Study in Both Plot Holes and Human Robot Love

Space… the final frontier. While the crew of the Enterprise (in both Abrams-verse and original) were out discovering and boldly going, the crew of the Teleios were tasked with retrieving a special compound from another ship that was meant to save a dying Earth’s atmosphere.

When we meet our brave adventurers, who are genetically altered prefect humans called GC’s, they are just waking up from a stasis nap of about 3 years, don’t worry– after watching this film you feel like you joined them in their rest. Right off the bat I was impressed with the actors (which includes the awesome Sunny Mabrey sans snakes), but am completely thrown off by the constant and endless tilting and shifting of the camera angle. While I understand this was to emulate both the Abrams false movement from the first Star Trek reboot, and give us perceived motion, all it really did was create some dizzying moments. It is one thing to have a sense of constant movement and another to literally never stop twisting the camera. If you have very sensitive motion sickness I would avoid this movie at all cost or else you will be shouting KAHNNN from the bathroom.

After adjusting to the endless movement of the camera I was actually really engaged in the first plot the was given to us– yes, I said first. This movie was building up a story about a mysterious substance and how they will stop at nothing to recover it, even after finding the ship they were supposed to pick it up from was completely trashed. Once on the ship they find Lulu, an android, and O’Neil, the last surviving crew member who was crazy and listening to “Gwar”… for some reason. (Side note, they felt the need to point out the band and really let the music play out and I have no clue why. It never comes up again.) After some “convincing” and more mishaps this plot about the compound falls apart and melds into a psychological thriller about the GC’s and why these perfect humans all of a sudden feel emotion. They then leave that behind for the ending, which I won’t spoil, and never really come back to the compound after a weird stab at trying to get it to fit in there. Overall, there were three plots and only half a conclusion.

Plot holes and metal bands aside, the actors, set designers, and graphic artists really knocked it out of the park. When the plot and camera angles were steady you felt engaged and cared, though they were few and far inbetween. The crew for sure gets some Vulcan snaps for a job well done.

So is this a Star Trek film, or at least feels like one? Yes, but not in the good ways. Exposition was drawn out and made it feel like the actors had to give us a play by play to help us follow along. The crew was one dimensional and were barely introduced, so when things started happening you felt nothing for them. Lens flares were used in obsession and the constant rocking makes this movie hard to watch.

This movie was a bit boring and had no follow through, so for that reason I give this 3 Vulcan mind melds out of 5. But make your own conclusion when this ship launches from the starport on September 5th.