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The Late Gamer Plays Call Of Duty – Advanced Warfare

A Review By Hidai Moya

Advanced Warfare was so much fun, even after The MW Trilogy & the first 3 Black Ops titles, I thought I had seen it all but this game breathed a lot of new life into the series.
The first 2/3’s of this game is an unapologetic, over the top, bombastic, thrilling Michael Bay inspired roller coaster ride.

I know its a cliche to say something is “action packed” but this really was. There was definitely adrenaline pumping through my veins in a lot of the set pieces. You’re not quite a “space marine” in this game but you do have a cool exo suit & smart weapons that make combat more amusing.
The story is predictable as hell especially with Keven Spacey playing the head of the worlds largest Mercenary Army & they definitely phoned in the finale like they were running out of time but it was a blast up to that point.
Grade B

Late Gamer Plays: Call Of Duty – Modern Warfare

A Review From Hidai Moya

Believe the hype. MW is a return to CoDs glory days with what is literally the best campaign of the last ten years & a really fun MP.
Whereas the first MW was inspired by the Iraq War this imitates the power vacuum struggles of the post war period. Combining the Kurdish Freedom struggle, terrorist attacks in Europe, the Russian intervention in Afghanistan & Syria, the raid on the Bin Laden compound, the attack on the American Embassy in Benghazi, & the Syrian Civil War, this puts all of these recent events together to create a hauntingly brutal & viscerally life like campaign.
In MP the night mode has become an instant favorite of mine adding the difficulty of tunnel vision & overall it just makes for a more badass gun fight experience.
Best CoD since MW2.
Grade A-

Late Gamer Plays Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta

A Preview From Hidai Moya

After playing the Modern Warfare Beta I don’t think the franchise has been this good in years.
It already tried & failed to capture the original magic of the series with its mediocre WWII reboot in 2017 & many other games since ‘Advanced Warfare’ have been fun but forgettable ‘Black Ops’ entries. It’s a nice change of pace to get back into the boots of a contemporary solider in a more realistic setting.
The maps I tried were pretty good, certainly better than the maps of the last two games & it’s 64 player ground war is chaotic fun even if its a far cry from a true ‘Battlefield’ experience.
After the classic ‘Call of Duty’ era from ’03 to ’06 it was the ‘Modern Warfare’ games that made CoD into the mega franchise it is today & it seems going back to that is the right move.


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