Late Gamer Plays Doom

A Review By Hidai Moya

This is every Christian parents worst nightmare & every gamer’s wet dream. Satanic iconography, hardcore heavy metal music, demonic occultism, & extreme graphic violence combine together to create an unholy alliance of orgasmic carnage.
An anemic story is just a conduit to deliver nerve wrecking battles between you & the macabre demons who have escaped from hell.

Ravenous in their desire to rip you to shreds one must continuously run & gun to avoid dying & tear them to pieces before they do the same to you. You aren’t locked inside with them, the demons are locked inside with you. When you are in hallway surrounded by ghouls & the heavy metal music starts playing as you reload your shotgun you feel your brain go into overdrive with a sudden flurry of adrenaline & dopamine.
It’s the most intense gaming experience possible.
Grade A


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