Late Gamer Plays FarCry

A Review From Hidai Moya

The console port of the very first FarCry game should be required playing for fans of the franchise.
Like any debut of a series one shouldn’t expect it to hit every stride perfected by later installments, but it absolutely showcases all the idiosyncrasies we love FarCry for: chaotic gunplay, free roaming, self aware humor, lush exotic locales, maniacal villain, & over the top 80’s inspired action.

As a mad scientist unleashes humanoid beasts on a tropical island, the CIA hires you to destroy his labs & take out all of the mercenaries defending it. There is even some inspiration from ‘Predator’ as you need heat vision to locate invisible enemies in the jungle.
With a terrific opening sequence & level variety, I was very impressed until the finale which felt unrewarding but everything leading up to it was still fun.
Grade B

Late Gamer Plays FARCRY 5


A Review From Hidai Moya

FARCRY 5 never aimed to be a “Game Of The Year” contender, however it more than deserves an honorable mention.
Ubisoft has a natural propensity to make really fun games from ideas that seemed really obvious and yet nobody does them. They proved that with the last two ‘Assassin Creed’ games and they did it again here by placing players in rural United States & make the traditionally castigated rural “American Redneck” the heroes of the story. Not only did this game improve on the FARCRY formula with considerable innovations, it also has the best gaming soundtrack of the year with its mesmerizing original cult songs…and for the record I genuinely loved its subversive ending.


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#RogueOne hands down. It was an actual story and real sacrifices needed to be made. It wasn’t like #RiseofSkywalker which was a blatant disregard for @rianjohnson work that did everything in its power to fit a trilogy into 1 film. (I still gave it a 👍 review tho😜) #FilmTwitter https://twitter.com/blurayangel/status/1332079851671486464

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