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Man Without Fear #1 Review

Here is part one of the weekly series that will bridge the gap between writers Charles Soule and Chip Zdarsky on Daredevil. This limited series is brought to you by writer Jed MacKay and artist Danilo S. Beyruth with cover artists Kyle Hotz and Dan Brown. Starting with the cover it has a nicely rendered image of DD’s cowl with blood pouring from it, this gives a deep sense of something horrible has happened to Daredevil. 
It opens with Foggy coming to talk to Matt in the hospital as he is in a …Spoiler…
Deep coma. Yes Charles Soule has continued the legacy of leaving Matt Murdock between a rock and a hard place for the next writer. This began with Brian M. Bendis putting Matt in jail for Ed Brubaker’s run, then Ed making Matt the leader of the hand for Andy Diggle and so on.  This actually works for writer Jed as he can use the dreamscape of a coma to torment Matt and also help catch up new readers with Matt’s history. 

The creative team does that in a very impressive way with many versions of Daredevil haunting and chasing Matt. We see a skeleton one in the yellow costume trying to egg on Matt’s fear while facing down Bullseye and a muscle tissue red devil reminding Matt of all the pain. These two work very well as a reminder of self preservation, which can handicap a man without fear. Matt does a pretty good job of taking care of his loved ones but like Spidey does have those that he loses in life. Which goes on to remind us that heroes don’t do a good job of protecting themselves, who could when fighting crime? 
I really enjoyed the nice tour of Matt’s coma nightmare and think the creative did a good job of enticing new readers to learn more history and also tests experienced readers to check their back issues, I know I will from the bar room scene in the armored costume. I like that Foggy came to see his friend and it really reminds us of how powerful the bit players can be in a series adventure.

One thing I did notice was no mention of Karen Page, so what could that mean for her potential future?  She is being used over in the Marvel Knights 20th anniversary issue that is also weekly and I recommend as well. 
I think this issues is a great bridge for readers from one series to the next and a great intro for new fans, maybe all the Netflix viewers can come along for this ride. I highly recommend and give it five out of five billyclubs as it does start strong, has great visuals, and builds a mystery that I want to solve as well. Read on and Excelsior!


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