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Chris’ Comic Book Corner: Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #5 Review: Follow The Turkeys And Don’t Trust The Egg Salad

A Review By Christopher Franey

We are back for the penultimate chapter of Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia and this issue takes a deep dive into the ego of “Rock N Roll” Rory; so clear the couch and be glad you’re not on the clock for this look inside.  Last issue left us with a cliff hanger of Rory and his group all being captured somehow and things looking bleak.  This issue starts with Dick Drasin making an offer to the captured Rory, but luckily Rory says no.  This is nice because it isn’t as clear cut…maybe Rory had a change of heart or maybe he is backing away like he always does, great moments of a flawed hero.  Plus it really shows that Dick Drasin does live up to his first name quite nicely. 

Interior art by Kendall Goode

The scene shifts from Rory and goes back to the strip club and we see that most of the group is being put in sleeper holds, but luckily the Wrestletopians forgot about Linda and does she save the day.  Then like a domino effect one by one they get free and manage their escape.  Again Kendall Goode delivers on the action; to be perfectly honest this issue really brings the action as we are treated to quite a few matches both physical and beyond.  We also see that Rory manages to escape his trucker trap, so now all the heroes are free but they are not together. 

Interior art by Kendall Goode

When we go on Rory’s journey I like how at first there are some random turkeys but they are not just random; they wind up leading us to Jay Warcloud, who has been mentioned a lot in this series so he is a much welcomed character in this motley crew.  The comedy really kicks into overdrive as Rory starts eating Warcloud’s food and intakes a lot of peyote.  I have to laugh at the page where Rory begins his “trip” as those are some massive pupils and the leftover food on his chin paint Rory in quite a light. 

Interior art by Kendall Goode

Once we are inside Rory’s trip is it quite the mind screw as Rory is tossed into a five way smack down for the gold in EGOMANIA.  I love the use of the other wrestlers being other forms of Rory; we are treated to “Mr. Number One,” “Testosterone Poisoning,” “Liquid Courage,” and the most heart breaking of all, “The Masked Menace.”  I really love how Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin use the Egomania as a device for Rory to face himself; what he does, his piss poor actions, and his past.  Brilliant story device that goes deep in character yet also delivers on the comedy by being framed in a wrestling match.  That moment when Rory takes on the Masked Menace and discovers who he is will hit you…in a good way. 

This issue did a great job to set the stage by reuniting the group, having Rory face himself and getting himself together as best as he can, and the group is on the way but they wind up in quite the encounter with the Wrestletopians and this will have a major cliffhanger that will leaving you wondering about Don’s fate; which is a bummer because he and Rory just made nice together.  Very much looking forward to that concluding issue from this creative crew. 

Interior art by Kendall Goode

Make sure to check out this miniseries as it is a fun independent comic read with great love for wrestling, comic books, and video games as this issue showed; this mini can be found digitally on Comixology.  This mini-series was created written by Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin of Suspicious Behavior Productions and can find their social medias here with these links:  Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.  You can find this issues artist, Kendall Goode, on twitter here.  Geek out!

Chris’ Comic Book Corner: Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #2 Review: The Challenger Has Shown Himself!

A Review From Christopher Franey
Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #2 cover

We are back for round two of ‘Wrestletopia’ by writers Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin along with artist Dan Schkade with colors by Marissa Louise.  This issue is going to open with a heck of a gut punch to the feelings; I’ve been reading comics for quite a while and every now and then you run across something so sad that it hits hard…the Death of Gwen Stacy was a sad moment, Batman getting his back broken was just so horrible to watch, and now I can say Rory Landell’s childhood was just some pure sadness.  That opener with his parents was a hard pill to swallow and it does build on why Rory went into wrestling and also serves as a “secret origin” to the shirt Rory wears too. 

Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #2 interior art

After the flashback/nightmare that Rory has, the scene is shifted to an observatory and we get to see what the local workers are seeing; just something that hits the imagination hard and fast…a steel cage…built around the world! It makes so much sense but it is just wild and crazy; I can’t wait for you to see that visual it is the best.  We are then taken to Don, Rory’s friend/manager/mentor, and he is having a fun time with his lover (don’t worry it is tasteful) when they start catching the news and we have our first public sign of the invasion as Manifest Destiny starts laying down the words pretty heavy and calling out Rory for the galaxy championship.  I really enjoyed as Manifest was going on with his smack talk that the other “Wrestletopians” were invading Earth at famous landmarks it was hilarious to see F.B.I. agents taking on wrestlers at the White House. 

In this issue we are treated to a new character, Mini Macho; it turns out he is also looking for Rory and it appears they have wrestled in the past.  If you also in this and last issue you find that Rory has knee problems and it seems that Don was able to fix that, but the two aren’t together right now.  We are treated to Rory taking on some of the “Wrestleopians” which looks to drive to a meeting for a future issue as Rory is taken down.  Make sure to read the extra material at the end of the issue as there are some clues in there. 

Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #2 interior art

Dan Schkade does a fantastic job on his layouts for the issue; he has a way with having his figures more in dynamic ways and it displays some great action scenes.  I have seen Dan’s art before in Will Eisner’s the Spirit Returns from Dynamite comics so Dan is an artists who can draw a hero who gets beat on but never quits, so this is perfect for the story of Rory.  Ed and Matt’s story is fascinating and with issue two they do a great job of peeling back layers; with Rory’s past and then the current situation with Manifest Destiny.  Mystery is also involved as some of the “Wrestleopians” mention taking Rory to someone else so that should be interesting to find out later.  These two writers also bring the humor along as the characters are great with their loud boisterous ways and the feelings creep in as well with the flashbacks to young Rory.  Get ready for a slam-down on your heart strings, brother!

So do yourself a favor and check out issue two as it keeps the flow going and is building to a galactic showdown that keeps your inner wrestling fan wanting more. This mini-series was created and written by Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin of Suspicious Behavior Productions, the production company they founded in order to waste money. Social media is here: TwitterTumblrInstagramFacebook.


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