Late Gamer Plays Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

A Review From Hidai Moya

“Lost Legacy” is a much better game than Uncharted 4.
It is a fresh new Uncharted experience that tactfully uses Hindu mythology to propel its well paced & well written story. Chloe & Nadine are a superlative duo. They are fully fleshed out human beings with their own internal motivations & it is so rewarding experiencing how respectful, & insightful, the writing treats them. I have not seen chemistry this good between two characters since Ellie & Joel.
Naughty Dog has yet again delivered breathtaking vistas with unparalleled beauty. No one can create cinematic action set pieces quite like them & the ones here are no exception. This is easily one of the best Uncharted games in franchise, (I even preferred its puzzles to those in 4).
If this really is the last UC game then it is one hell of a send off.
Consistently amazing through & through.

Grade A

Late Gamer Plays Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

A Review From Hidai Moya

This is a good game but it was not as amazing as I had hoped.
It is more of an homage to the series rather than a standalone new adventure, that felt a lot like it was retreading old ground. Even its beloved action set piece was something we had seen a bit before.
I felt that a lot of the climbing was spammy & the puzzles were nonsensical even by Uncharted standards, however Naughty Dog has an incredible talent for creating visually rich cinematic locales.
The Scottish wilds were lavishly beautiful & my favorite in the game. I wish however that it maintained its linear structure instead of its semi open world design, that is not as rewarding as it thinks it is.
This is undeniably a good production but as unpopular as it may sound it is my least favorite Uncharted game.

Grade B+

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