Pitch This Eps 5: Marvel TV

We all have a different take on our favorite pop culture; “I wouldn’t have killed that character!”, “Wait! Wouldn’t it have been better to if she got the ring?”, “Why not have the aliens have ten eyes?!?!”. And now Chris and Andy will explore those avenues and pitch you their takes all your favorite pop culture topics, from comics to tv to movies and everything in between. Here we are at episode five where Andy and Chris will revive the missing Marvel television shows. Listen as they dig deep into the Marvel vault and decide to pick a show to revive by either re-casting or keeping the original cast and then what would the first brand new season be all about. Get the scoop here at Pitch This for another week of entertainment and the pop-culture news that you want.

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This week we're having some fun talking the times films TRIED to fool us ... and failed! What twist or out there plot development did you see coming a mile away and feel all superior about calling?

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Freeform has cancelled 'Sriens' after three seasons.

Hulu has cancelled 'High Fidelity' after its first season.

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