Hey Mitch! 137: TJ Sterling RAE Comics ‘Joystick Angels’

Mitch sits down to talk with RAE Comics founder TJ Sterling, to talk about his successful Kickstarter for his newest creation, ‘Joystick Angels’. They also go over Okemus, his creative process, andhis time at Marvel. Website: Twitter: @RAEComics Instagram: @RAEComics

Hey Mitch! 135: Aaron Brigman “Bern Notice” TV Series

Mitch sits down with ‘Bern Notice’ TV Series creator Aaron Brigman to talk about his Amazon Prime Video series that is climbing in vie@bernnoticeshowws and everything leading up to its creation. Bern Notice On Prime Video Website: Twitter: @BernNoticeShow Instagram: @bernnoticeshow Facebook: @bernnoticeshow

Hey Mitch! 134: Terry Mayo ‘Buddy’ Comic Kickstarter

Mitch sits down with comic creator Terry Mayo to talk about his Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming comic book ‘Buddy’ with artist Dave Schwartz. The campaign goes live May 8th. Kickstarter: Twitter: @MayoTL Instagram: @mayotl

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Filmmaker Chat live streams are back! This week I sit down with Rick Ives, an indie writer/director and an assistant editor for Marvel! Come hang with us and find out what it's like to work on Loki and more! Set your reminder to watch here:

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